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Default Re: 2 dating questions..

I feel useless giving you the same information that everyone else is going to give you but here goes.
My step to step guide for asking out a girl you like:
1) Build you confidence, this step is half physical and half mental. You need to pump yourself up mentally in order to build your confidence, try making a list of all your good qualities. You would be suprised how much difference this will make in your self esteem. Also try your best to look as good as possable, trying a new hairstyle might also make a bigger difference than you think.
2) Learn about her. Learn what she likes and dislikes and what her interests are, this will make conversation more comfortable and flow smoothly.
3) Act confident and suave. Girls seem to be able to smell a unconfident individual from a mile away. Even if you are sweating buckets try to keep your cool.
4) Ask her. Be confident and don't beat around the bush. Pick an activity beforehand (one that she would like, see step 2), don't be indecisive and ask her what she would like to do, this is a sign of unconfidence.
5) Follow through. Don't be late to pick her up or meet her. Don't change your plans without notice.

Push the idea of rejection out of your mind. It sounds like a cliche but if you do not try your chance of sucess is 0%.
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