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Default Re: a acual good mastertbating question

everybody that CAN masturbate could.. that doesn't mean they never masturbate or they do masturbate.. doctor drew said that like 30% of all people that can masturbate don't masturbate.
Reason: Religious
Reason: Masturbating is disgusting to them
Reason: and It's against their mom or dad's permission
and those people who don't masturbate have lots of wet dreams.. there's no way possible you can survive with no wet dreams and not masturbate unless you have sex like every night over and over and over.. but that's hard i think for a young teen..
well i think it's impossible.. cause when you're sleeping you get wet dreams cause you have too much semen in your testes i think.. and if you masturbate you release some of them so you don't need to get wet dreams.. i haven't had a single wet dream.. but i've been masturbating 3 times a day before i could have an ejaculation. so hah plus here's my question: how can you not masturbate and go to sleep?? lol i can't do that.. i have to or i won't fall asleep

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