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Default Re: um STD's

there is enough forums to deal with that
it can easliy be put under the puberty section
it covers all puberty questions for boys and another forum for girls all of which allow any questions about sexual education including STD's
nobody here has an STD

we have enough
the first puberty section was created for one reason and one reason only
puberty questions were popping up all over the site it was made to stop that

we've gone above and beyond that
I was the one that fought to allow sex ed questions which were locked and deleted befor
I understand that were all teens, this is a teen site and puberty is a MAJOR part of being a teen
but I think we've done enough
if your looking for a site or an area about STD's then asking a site thats mostly virgins and like 13-14yrs old who themselves know very little about STD's isnt going to give you acurate answers to your questions
the internets a big place
the answers r there
go explore

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