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Anyway, yes, cutting is definetly a high. But after that quick high goes away, you're left in a worse place then you were in to start with. But cutters forget that, all we can think about is that exciting high, and the sight of the bright red blood. And trust me, we've all been there, coming up with the clearly fake excuses. I always forget to wear long sleeves, and then people see my wrist and arm covered in straight, long cuts. I'd tell them my dog scratched me up when we were playing tug-o-war. Yeah. A lie. Someone finally brought up the point that if my dog did that, they wouldnt be neat and straight. So trust me, we all know how that is, you arent alone.
cutting is not a high.. you can get addicted to cutting.. but everytime i cut myself i end up crying.. well i cry all thoughout the cut.. and aren't emos people that are depressed and hate the world?? well that's what i heard.. and why in the world are you hiding that you cut yourself?? lol i have scars and blood and crap all over my arms and nobody talks to me about it.. nobody talks to me about anything and those that do talk to me just talk to me about stuff that's not related to cutting or emo or that shit.. oh well idk what else to put..
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