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Default 2 dating questions..

i'm a freshman at highschool.. age 14.. and there's this junior i think she's a junior and she's like um hot.. just i think her friend told her i like her cause her friend saw me staring at her.. and she stares at me sometimes.. should i ask her out??
and how do you ask out a girl?? i'm way too shy.. i'm rated the most shyest guy in my junior high school..and even with my friends.. there's 2 of them.. we been friends since i was in kindergarten and i rarely talk to them but i hang out with them..
and my friend is friends with a guy that's also friends with the girl i like..
tell me if this is too confusion..
There's just 3 things blocking my way to asking her out.. i'm too shy..
i'm scared she'll say no.. and i'm scared my friends will make more fun of me from asking her out..

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