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Unhappy I dont know what to do anymore

I love my mom i just want to say that right now i realy do but i dont know what to do anymore. i just had to call my step-dad who she just divorced a few months ago and ask to borrow money my mom dosent know or she would freak out on me but we realy need it i have to go out of town for llike a week to this hospital in texas and are dogs have no food we have no food i need new clothes and we need to pay bills but my mom wont get a job she says their arent any openings in her feild what she needs to do is get a temp job right now to pay the damn bills this lady called and yelled at me b/c apperntly my mom owes her money shes gonna kill me when she finds out i called him but theres nothing else i could do she even took the little money i had to by cigs and i think she took a credit card out in MY NAME! what kind of mother does that if she did she just riuned my credit at 15. im so angry and deppressed and hurt at the same time all she does is lie to me and ignore me. she dosent even seem to care about getting into trouble she hasnt done any of her community service from when she got her D.U.I. and she dosent even have anything to do in the day. im feel so alone. sometimes i realy just wish the cancer would kill me.
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