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Cool Need Your Help....

I am a 15 year old girl, and recently have been thinking I may be bipolar. I have been to a psych. and he didn't diagonise me with Bipolar disorder but I still think I may be. I am going to a neuropsychogist on Monday, and a social worker on Wednesday. So please don't tell me to go to doctors, I am. My psych. first put me on Zoloft, because I would have stomach aches in the mornings before school. It helped a little, but it has been worse. And I was raised to 75mg. And he has put me on Wellbutrin XL 150 to gain some energy, along with the Zoloft. And then I recently feel into a great depression state. My mother had passed away in 2004 of August and I know I never really got over that. And that is big for me. She herself had Bipolar Disorder, and I know it is hereditary. I show many of the signs such as hard time falling asleep, and when I hear a song on the radio if I cant remember it, it will kill me for hours till I find it out. I remember once when I was little I didnt write down my homework and I killed myself over it. I also say I'm sorry a lot and def. think that I am a hypocondriact, where I think that I have to get my appendix out when I just have a stomach ache. I also have the mood swings such as blowing up at my dad. School's stress doesn't help at all, and I have been out of school for about a week or 2 so far because of it. I sleep a lot, and have been dealing with many times of crying and then just sleeping and such. Please Help me.....
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