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Default Dont know

I dont Know why I did but I did.

I tried to stop today, I threw away the damn broken peice of glass that started it all. But I snapped..ended up taking the erasor out of the end of a pencil and scraping my wrist untill it bled.

I am ashamed for doing all of the cuts, always having to make a lame ass excuse for why I got it. I dont want to be "emo" I guess its how I relieve stress

Im the guy that you wave to in the hallway, has a lot of friends...goes to parties.
But I have a secret that now everyone is seeing, Im finally coming out..Dont know why here but I am. It has gotton to the point where it doesnt hurt when i cut.
It feels good

When I see the blood it just makes me think that my problems go with it. Its sorta like a high

I need help



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