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Default Your Own Bestseller

I was flicking through my freshmen yearbook yesterday and I came upon all of the senior pages. Lately I've been coming to understand that life isn't something to take for granted, so I sat down and wrote a quick poem - just whatever came to my head about the topic. It's about treasuring life.

Your Own Bestseller
The story changes every day
A page turns
A word is written
A new second brings a new installment
And a new entry brings a whole new tale
Each allegory holds a picture of the past
Of joy, of sadness
Of whatever emotion the time saw fit
Don't take these pages for granted
Don't tear them
Skip them
Or scratch them out
Because each word becomes a page
And each page becomes a chapter
And each chapter becomes a story
And sooner or later
When your paper is running low
That story is all you'll have
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