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My two cents:

Brake up with your boufriend (your actual one) if he isn't treating you right, and has the eye on another girl... that just means he isn't worth it, and prob HE will end up braking up with you...

With that other boy that likes you, the only thing you can do its take him, and talk to him... to keep his girlfriend, and be happy with her... thats the only thing I guess you can do if you wanna go back with your ex boyfriend... explain him (the guy that likes you) that you aren't much sure of what you wanna do now and stuff... but make sure he doesn't get down or anything, because, I'm guessing, you guys together isn't even official...

If you wanna go out with your ex, if he really cares about you, he will go... if he really thinks you're passing thru a hard moment, and you almost tried to suicide, then, most likely, he will go... if he doesn't, again, he isn't worth it... and being single isn't really a big deal, as long as you are happy

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