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Default Confusedddd.

I did not think I would actually talk to anyone about this. I thought I could figure it out on my own, but I cannot.

Right now, my boyfriend and I are having MAJOR issues. He seems to put another girl ahead of me and the only times he is really sweet is when he knows I am depressed. He has got me to the point where I want to break down. I almost did one night when he told me to tell him exactly how I felt. I threatened to seriously jump out of his car and run out into the middle of the highway. He has been kind of nice since. I do not know though. He has his random outbursts of sweetness then goes back to being a jackass. I do not know if I want to leave him yet but...

There is this guy I go to school with who seems to like me a lot. We almost dated before but he never answered and I gave up. He treats me right and makes me calm down a lot. Every time I am around him, he cannot let go of me. He hugs and kisses me all the time. He makes me smile and laugh and we get along great. Our only problem is he is still waiting on this one girl but he is about to give up on her... my other problem is...

My ex and I were texting back and forth today. Him and I kind of go back. Since we broke up we were really great friends. Today I told him everything that happened with my bf and he freaked out. He said "do not try to do anything to kill yourself. I would die." He had never said that to me before then we got into me breaking up with my bf and he told me he still liked me and asked if we could go out this weekend but since I have a jam packed weekend, we are next week. His thing is, we have not seen eachother since May and he wants to see if we would even be able to handle another relationship together. He promised this time it would be better and everything. I seem to believe him because my cousin was the one who ruined it last time along with his best friend.

I am not sure what I should do.

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