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Originally Posted by FaDinG DreaM
Patch it's okay, you survived thats whats important

It's nothing to be embarassed about shit happens.

As long as your okay!!

The therapy will help I know cause it helped me.

Besides Laura smacked you
haha yeah thanks for that cody..she kissed it better tho so alls good,
im ok now i guess...
and i hope therepy helps!

Originally Posted by Silence
Wow Patch.

I'm sorry. I wish I had something to say that would help, but I can relate. You are not alone-in any of this, people are here that care and do understand.

*many, many, hugs for you*
thanks heather, its always nice to know people care...i like to feel loved

Originally Posted by cosmos
what is this, isnt it like the second time uve done that?
first time ive overdosed, and put myself in hospital from suicide...

Originally Posted by Billy
You should've died, you gaping asshole.
i probably should of died
and yes i probably am an asswhole
you are a sick perverted little boy
and dont deserve any more of a life then me

so my final words are:

Fuck off and die...please

Originally Posted by Ripplemagne
18. Come back when you stop failing.
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