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Default Seeking diagnoses/scrip

SWIM was recently trying to use amphetamines found in Adderall recreationally, and had some puzzling effects in that it greatly changed SWIM's concentration and attention span. SWIM usually had a short attention span and while SWIM was very smart, only got B's and A's as opposed to straight A's, mainly because of class participation and homework. So when SWIM had these results after using the Adderall, SWIM used it for a week at school, to which a increase in concentration and a sudden spike in grades occurred. Now SWIM wants to get officially diagnosed, and get a prescription. SWIM currently see's a councellor, so could SWIM first tell the councellor about how SWIM feels and have the councellor give a reccomendation? And knowing that amphetamines are a schedule II substance, would SWIM be in trouble if SWIM told the councellor or psychiatrist about SWIM's experience with school?

PS: I got a 108 on dis here test..

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