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Default Re: um.. idk what to put here..

i've done basically everything you said except taking the meds.. NOBODY and i mean nobody gives a shit about me basically.. i don't want to be depressed.. i just want to forget everything... i wish somebody could knock me on the head and give me the ultimate amnesia or whatever.. i've been seeing a psychologist um about 4 for about um 4-6 years.. they don't help me at all.. they just make things worse.. and i've told everybody i want anti depressant pills or w/e and they said go see a doctor.. i've been to the doctors for um like 10 times already.. like 5 times for lost of blood and 5 times to try and get an antidepressant.. but i never tell the dynagoiist guy or w/e that evaluates me the truth.. i don't trust him.. i did once with another guy and he told everybody.. i can't even trust myself..
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