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Default Re: hypothetical iraq question...

If the republicans are warmongers then the democrats are also most of the dems in the Senate.

(there are 100 people in the senate)
Yes to Disarming Iraq
29 Democrats joined 48 Republicans to pass a Senate resolution on October 11 authorizing President Bush to use military force, if necessary, to disarm Iraq:

* Max Baucus (Mont.)
* Evan Bayh (Ind.)
* Joe Biden (Del.)
* John Breaux (La.)
* Maria Cantwell(mine currently) (Wash.)
* Jean Carnahan (Mo.)
* Tom Carper (Del.)
* Max Cleland (Ga.)
* Hillary Clinton (N.Y.)
* Tom Daschle (S.D.)
* Christopher Dodd (Conn.)
* Byron Dorgan (N.D.)
* John Edwards (N.C.)
* Dianne Feinstein (Calif.)
* Tom Harkin (Iowa)
* Fritz Hollings (S.C.)
* Tim Johnson (S.D.)
* John Kerry (Mass.)
* Herb Kohl (Wis.)
* Mary Landrieu (La.)
* Joe Lieberman (Conn.)
* Blanche Lincoln (Ark.)
* Zell Miller (Ga.)
* Ben Nelson (Neb.)
* Bill Nelson (Fla.)
* Harry Reid (Nev.)
* John Rockefeller (W.Va.)
* Charles Schumer (N.Y.)
* Bob Torricelli (N.J.)
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