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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Originally Posted by Freakboy View Post
I think I should post this here, but can anyone help me with masturbation? I've been trying for the last few nights and though I try for 10-12 minutes absolutely nothing happens. Do orgasms come slowly or suddenly and would I know that I'm doing it right after a minute or two? I'm 13, and I'm a 2.2 in the puberty scale thing, and haven't ejaculated yet. Once I've finished my attempted masturbation my penis is red, as if I've been squeezing too hard. Is this normal? Thanks for the help and if this is in the wrong section could you pm me your answers?
I'm 14 and I just began actaul cumming I've always had dry orgasms , go to I think is the website and try some diffrebt ways, if your cut u might need lube, I know it sounds nasty but I use saliva and it works well
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