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Default Me and OCD

I was diagnosed with a minor case of OCD when I was little. It isnt very bad and you cant tell I have it unless Im stressed out. I don't like odd numbers except 5(Maybe) and 7(definately) I hate 6 though, thats the only even number. When Im eating something it has be even no matter what. This sort of bugs my mom. When Im eating something like cereal I sometimes think of everything to make it even, like: 1)cereal 2)milk 3)spoon 4)bowl = even which is good. And if its not even then i count my hand or something. I just "know" its even so i dont bother counting much anymore. When Im very stressed out I have to make everything even out like if my shoulder touches this then my other shoulder has to. When Im watching T.V and im laying down I have to make it to were I cant see my feet(Not sure if this is an OCD symptom or not, but Ill post it anyways lol) Thats about all I can think about right now.


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