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Originally Posted by salema View Post
Ithink relgion is important in our life faith make the soul is pure and our love to God (Allah ) and all his massenger make the soul is relax from it dieases
Iam muslim and what our islam say's not violance but peace with all huminty
and thx for
First off, kindly learn to type since understanding you is a strain. Secondly, in which universe does mere faith (a.k.a. believing some random thing with zero evidence) ever absolve you of your 'diseases' or whatever shit to which you're trying to refer?. And what do you mean by soul? A little detail would be nice.

Originally Posted by Syvelocin View Post
I hate that treat people how you want to be treated thing. We live by the eye-for-an-eye morality. Being nice to your enemies only puts you at their mercy.
I agree that the golden rule is flawed, although know that most of the bible is filled with 'inexplicably kill people for this, that and everything else' (found more often in the old testament).

Originally Posted by Errr View Post
I'm christain, except for the bible. I mean, it was written by MAN! And evolution has pretty much been proved. I think the stories in the bible are to teach us lessons and morals.
Morals? Like killing millions of people for pointless things like picking up sticks on a Sunday or disbelieving or homosexuality (and so on and so forth)? Hardly.

Originally Posted by Errr View Post
Honestly, Adam & Eve? no. But god and hell and Jesus. I do believe.
If you don't believe in Adam and Eve, what the hell is up with Jesus killing himself for our 'origional sin'? Surely if Adam and Eve weren't real, Jesus killed himself for something which was non-existant?

Originally Posted by Errr View Post
If not anything else, deffinatly god. I mean, there has to be something.
Why has? Because the matter from which the world is made requires a creator? Then why the fuck doesn't God require one? If God doesn't require a creator, than neither does anything else. After all, we've made things the way they are, and evolved to be able to. And as you'd expect, this took billions of years.

Complexity comes with time; everything starts simple. It's the same with our technology; it starts of bad, and gets better. If something is complex, it won't come early. And if God is truly what Christians believe, then he has to be complex, which is counter-intuitive. On the other hand, if he's a simple thing, why the hell do people bother praying to him?

Originally Posted by Donkey View Post
Perhaps the entire argument [the death penalty] can be summarised in just a sentence.

We kill people who kill people to show others that killing is wrong.
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