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Default Re: The Next Goverment

Being weak is having to invade a country on false pretenses for your own gain, whatever it may be. Being weak is sending thousands of men to fight your vendettas for you.
Call me crazy but everything in this statement shouts liberal anti-Iraq war reasoning. I highly doubt that you just randomly thought about "having to invade a country on false pretenses" with out thinking of Iraq at all.

just because the democrats wouldl restore freedom to American citizens, obey The Geneva Convention and take a firm stand on global warming dosent mean you will be attacked again
-restore freedoms? which ones?
-Obey the Geneva convention? have you read it? do you know who it fully applies to?
According to Human Rights Watch
Specified categories of combatants who "have fallen into the power of the enemy" are entitled to POW status. These categories include members of the armed forces of a party to the conflict, members of militia forces forming part of those armed forces, and inhabitants of a non-occupied territory who take up arms openly to resist the invading forces. POW status also applies to captured members of irregular forces who are under responsible command; have a fixed distinctive sign (such as an insignia, uniform or other marking) recognizable at a distance; carry arms openly; and conduct their operations in accordance with the laws and customs of war.
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