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Default Re: hypothetical iraq question...

If the US doesn't care about the Genocide in Sudan that's happening right now then why should Iraq be any different?
i didn't say anything about what were doing now, I'm talking about if this happened in the future.
-please respond to the question instead of citing something else.
--IMO we should intervene in Sudan
-This isn't completely a Bush administration thing, as Rwanda wasn't completely a Clinton administration thing.
-Most of all, it is a U.N. thing
-----they claim that they are looking out for the world but they rarely take action that requires large amounts of action or risk on their part. (Rwanda, Sudan....)

The main thing that is holding off action in Sudan in the UN.
-So you ask, why not circumvent the UN and help the people anyways? well, even when the UN decides that Saddam needs to disarm, its still wrong to disarm him cuz they don't want to....
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