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Default Re: The Next Goverment

Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
I am serious.
I don't know where you are from but the liberals here are BAD.
I am sure they will pull out of Iraq get rid of ways to tap phones of terrorists and relese the prisoners from guantamo.
Our national security will go to hell and I am sure we will have another attack.
just because the democrats wouldl restore freedom to American citizens, obey The Geneva Convention and take a firm stand on global warming dosent mean you will be attacked again
aka restore American Freedom and the saftey of our planet for future generations

The republicans have been in power for far to long there comftorable and corrupt
the government should be afraid of its people not the other way around

i'm not saying America is the only country this has happened to the Liberals in Canada were in power for over a decade (12yrs) they became extremly corrupt and compacient
thats exactly whats happened to your republicans

I don't like Canadian Liberals they lie as often as American Republicans
they have just recently promised to designate Quebec a nation if there elected again
I was extatic that we got the liberals out of office after 12YEARS and our relations with America are improving greatly
that will change again when democrats take power
which will suck for relations
but oh well
I wish Al Gore had one the last elections
hell in the Canadian elections system he would have

Gore was the Democratic nominee for president in the 2000 Presidential election. Gore won a plurality of the popular vote, with over half a million more votes than the Republican candidate George W. Bush, but was defeated in the Electoral College by a vote of 271 to 266.

"is it possible that we should prepare for other threats besides terrorists?" Al Gore

Earth is in trouble
and nobody in power is doing a dam thing about it why because there filthy fucking rich and they MIGHT loss some cash
so again its the have nots and future generations that suffer

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