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Default Re: Youtube taken over by the radical left

WE don't have to. We just need to make sure other governments are doing their part to track down terrorists cells in their own country's.
This is exactly the point that people seem to discount ALL of the time.
Now there is something that is very important to point out here also.
-There are "home grown" terrorists.
--But where do they come form, and where do they go?
It has been seen that many people that become US born terrorists (Islamic ones) will and have actually traveled to other countries to train there like that one guy from California. Many of the ones from the US hang out in radical US mosques that have some teachers (Imans? or w/e) that teach them.

The point is that Terrorism can't be completely destroyed, unless we nuke the earth into oblivion, but if there aren't any states that support terrorism, then we will be much much better off.
-DO you think that in the US, or European countries like England (maybe the most effective anti terrorist measures out side the US, perhaps better not completely informed here) that something like 9/11 would be likely to have happened? (When I was unlikely i mean very unlikely). probably not, it's a lot harder here and in any other nation that actively seek out the terrorists among themselves.
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