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Default Re: The Next Goverment

Peace will follow the election of a new president in 2008. The US will finally win the war of terror.
so can you tell me again how the election of a new (liberal) president will end the war on terror? i makes no sense, your cause and effects don't seem to have any reasoning behind them. If some one is elected in the US, who im assuming your thinking will be liberal, unless they nuke the world into nonexistence there will still be terrorists. And if there are still people trying to kill us then we should still be trying to stop them.

I think the democrats will control the house and senate. Better days are on the way. They will take back freedoms Bush took from us.

There will be no major terrorist attacks and the world will settle down without fear of being attacked from the US.
No country in the world has to fear US invasion unless there are doing some thing very very wrong, like being a murderous tyrant. Currently the only people that should be afraid are the oppressors in North Korea, Iran, and Sudan.

Which freedoms don't I have that I did before the Bush administration??
-I still got guns
-I still got abortion (unfortunately (well not me technically (biologically)))
-I still got every thing else to... unless you are a foreigner suspected of being a terrorist or you are a known terrorist.
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