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Default Re: Dont know what to do

lol i'd be your friend.. i'm suicidal too but i wouldn't care if all my friends left me... my dad hates me my mom hates me and my grandparents hate me.. they all said it alot of times.. they even said they didn't give a shit about me.. so i learned not to get close to anybody and not love anybody.. my best friend is always mean to me so i don't care about him.. just if we went to the same highschool and you talked to me then i probably won't talk that much... i'm like the shyest guy at my school idk why i'm trying to comfort you.. just cheer up please and my best friend's mother hates me cause i'm atheist and i'm suicidal.. and all the friends i had before either went to a different school or became different people.. so we're basically on the same page add me on AIM if you want to talk

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