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Unhappy She's left me...

...and I'm low. Things were going really well. We had a good day, we went to the heath and everything was great. Then, when I get home she comes on MSN and says that we're not right for each other. To be frank I'm devastated. I've never EVER liked anyone as much as I liked Elena and now *BANG* she's history.

Things were going really well for me in general too. I'd cut down on the fags but now I find myself smoking an entire pack in three hours.

I hate this but for some wierd reason I could tell that things were'nt going right today. Her friend Pria took a photo of us and Elena made her promise she wouldn't show it to anyone. Then when she leaves I don't get any affection, just a "bye then!"

Fuck it all.

It's me, Felix.
Name changes annoy everyone, I know.
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