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Default Re: For conspiracy theorists

history does repeat itself, but not exactly, but yes close enough.

-napoleon goes to russia
-hitler goes to russia
they are both defeated by the winter on nearly the same day of the year...
read it learn it. History repeats. So don't start a land war in Asia, or russia...
3.. Why would they come to Iraq to get killed?
because they beleive that they will go to hevean and have 70 virgins, and such

4. History does not repeat itself and yes in some ways you shouldve gone their but in the way it was done it made things worse
In the way it was done? an invasion is an invasion. Sadaam didn't find Jesus or anthing remotely like that since the first gulfwar, there was only more opression. The best way to do it would have been to have ALL of the UN member states to stick to the resolution that they passed and to have gone in like that. Unfortunately they didn't want to do it so we did.

whats the worst messgae to sent to opressive dictators? it is that we wont stop you cuz were scared. this only motivates them to have more military and not worry about the future conciquences.
If all the dictators around the world knew that....
Opression = Tomahawk missile blowing up your car, if not life in prison/death after trial, then there would be a lot less dictators for 2 reasons
1. they would be dead
2. no one would want to be a dictator

The "Pussiness" of the UN has wronged the innocent with inaction too many times to trust them at all. It is the climated created by them that enable things like Rwanda and Sudan and Iraq and North Korea and all of the other opressive states around the world to exist.
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