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Default Re: Polygamy and yes civil unions! (dun dun dun)

Hmm I think it should be illegal because it just feels as if it isnt right.
I believe that when you get married its a bond a promise between TWO people that want to share their lives toghether.
That deep enough for you.
Well I guess the same can be said for gay marrige.
don't you see it?
-first off, it wouldn't be "marrige" in a definition sense, its a "union" if u wan't to be nit pickey about it. So it doesn't have to be shackled by the definition of some thing that it isn't (as civil unions aren't either for the saem reason).

When you really look down into it ur reasoning is that it should be illegal (or not recognozed as a union) is because....
-you think it is moraly wrong (biblical?) (again Most peope think that sleeping around is wrong, but should it be illegal?)
-you think that it is gross, or strange, or unfarmiliar
-you think that people who practice it are bad as a stereotype.
-But most of all, you have been TAUGHT (indirectly) that it is wrong

all of these are perhaps good reasons to not be friends with polygamists or to not be associated with them, but should it be illegal just because some people don't like it? people would probly get hurt, as many do in love, but it would be a relationship with only willing participants, and only new ones could be admited with everyones consent.
You were exactly right, every thing can be said the same way for civil unions, but you support thoes and not polygamist unions, can you tell us why?
-I guessing that it doesn't feel wrong to you, but why is that? and why does it feel "wrong" to many other people?
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