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Default Re: Youtube taken over by the radical left

Originally Posted by Phantom
O I'm sorry it wasnt you that said Islam was a religion of peace, it was ~dante~ I get you guys mixed up somtimes.
Now you may think I am sterotyping when I am realy not.
Somtimes I don't bother to type out "and the religious extreamists of the mostly peacefull muslim population" and just type muslims.
Yes as an American I do realize what kind of sterotypes people can make.
IRA correct was the name of the Irish terrorist group. They were also cowards hiding behind children.
I didn't see the Irish condeming them (or perhaps they did I'm not sure)
so its pretty easy to make assumptions, same thing with muslims.
See I think you are wrong at only a small amount of muslims are radicals.
Basicly the entire middle east has been filled by hate by these radicals.
If you go to Iran on fridays after prayer a HUGE number of them are chanting in the streets death to america and all that nice stuff.
Its not just the small numbers of terrorists holed up in caves that are radicals.
Its quite a bit more than that.
correct the it was the IRA. and let me tell me tell you something about that lovely group of people. yes there was opposition to what they did, cause it wasnt nice. but a lot of people generally didnt speak out against them because they are the type of group that if you said a bad word about them, you would find yourself in a shallow grave. they were ruthless. thankfully they have totally disarmed.

they are chanting that because they are sick of American intervention. but do you think they mean it? there is a difference between saying something and actually meaning it remember.

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