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Default Re: Collapsing under the weight of friends

As every day I wake I think to myself, it has always been like this... And it will continue to be like this. It never ends. It never stops, it only grows and strenghens within my weakness..

Why are you even depressed? Sry if you did say and I didnt notice but yes why..? Be gratefull for what you have, that you have atleast friends.. The one thing that kills me the most inside is that I dont have any friends besides 1 who lives 100 miles away from me.. I dont have the comfort of listening to music at school because I cant afford to buy a player.. And dont resort to cutting... That is simply what the weak do, it is like surrendering to it all letting it consume you.. And you havent tryed enough anything can be accomplished if tryed enough losing weight is nothing. And if you learn that the only thing that can stop you from doing something to yourself is you will be able to do anything you want to yourself.

I'm tough, rough, ready and able
To pick myself up from under this table
Don't stick no sign on me, I got no label
I'm a little sick, unsure, unsound and unstable

But I'm fighting my way back
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