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Default Re: Youtube taken over by the radical left

I might add it was a good debate though ::
i was being sarcastic, because i was tired. Anyway, lets see where we left off...killing terrorists will stop others from becoming terrorists? And they are not defending their country? Well, the second has truth to it, i must say, i was very tired last night when i posted that they were. But the first....since when has death ever been a factor for them? They are suicide bombers! they believe Allah wants them to die, and they are converting and training more in secret. If you dont think they are, and that no one would believe such radical nonesense, then think of all the major religions of the world. Christianity converted the Roman Empire because of its promise of heaven. Essentially, the promise of a better afterlife in exchange for service to god can convert anyone who feels down trodden enough to except a life (or death) of pain. And us killing them only fulfills their wishes.

you can bomb the world to pieces
but you cant bomb it into peace

life is to short to make just on decision. musics to loud for just one station. love is to big for just one nation, and God is to big for just one religion

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