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Default Re: She already said no

Originally Posted by mRojas2000 View Post
Just do it man!! you have nothing to loose if you don't fear a rejection... and you shouldn't look/feel like an idiot just because you like someone... not ever feel ashamed of liking a girl/boy even if she/he is ugly
I agree 100%

I think you should ask her again.The fact that shes a friend should make things easier but it doensnt...Belive me...I've been in your shoes...But if it makes you feel any better he felt the same way about me...And we dated and fell in love...*shrugs* Now we're broken up but we're still friends.So in my eyes you got nothing to loose.Evidently asking her once didn't harm your relationship at all so asking her again will only show that she does meen alot to you.
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