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Default Re: For conspiracy theorists

Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Because you have a diffent kind of thinking with war and all that.
You go about debates better instead of like popo where the only thing he realy does is come in a topic call me a facist.
You keep things civil....most of the time.
Accept facts unlike Hyper with the 9/11 thing.
Your points make some sense too.
I will respond to this as Brandon does..

,, Flaming!!! ''

Now your facts are facts to you not to me. As my common sense is 'idiocity' to you.

Now btw I am not very sure you beat Russia in the arms race.. They had what 6000 nukes? Also those uncrackable encryption codes on ALL US military messages were all readable by the Soviet Union because they had spies.

But thats a different story, the union is still there just in a more pleasant mask.

And cmpcmp how is the US stopping terrorism from attacking them by invading Iraq? Arent they actouly increasing the threat of getting attacked?

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