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Default Re: to be cut or not to be

Originally Posted by megamikey59 View Post
omg.. i think you're all talking about the penis here.. i think i'm circumsized and my friend's uncircumsized.. if you read what i said before we had oral sex so i know about his penis.. but that's off the topic um being cut is called circumsized i think and it IS possible to have a circumsision at any time just it'll hurt alot.. and if you want to have sex.. i suggest getting circumsized since you'll tear your foreskin off or w/e eventually after many sex but yea being uncircumsized gives you more pleasure.
Circumcision has nothing to do with bits of your penis falling off. It's mainly to do with cleanliness. (And no, your foreskin doesn't fall off)

I wouldn't get cut. It's virtually painless for babies but for someone of your age it can be extremely painful.

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