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Unhappy Re: Problems

Yeah i c wat u mean but i would give so much to b able to at least think of my gf sexually... omg its so hard i was going 2 tell her 2day but i backed out, i feel trapped and there is no way out... and i can't tell her 2morrow or 4 like a week its her birthday 2morrow and i don't want 2 like hurt her like that, i have another week or so of depression with my friends asking wat wrong, i don't have the courage 2 tell them i might tell one of my friends, it might take the strain off abit but then she will just think im using mallory oh god i h8 these feelings i want them 2 end but love does'nt end

I wanna be there when you call
I wanna catch you when you fall
I wanna be the one you need
I wanna be the one you breathe
Today’s the day we’ll fade away
orochimaru hehehe
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