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Default Re: an Untitled story by my friend Catie and I

Right now, I wanted to slap Ro and spew out every curse word I knew. I actually did swear a bit. But small children might read this story, and that’s not appropriate.
“Shut up, Ro! I am so serious right now, I am not trying to act immature like I usually am, I just really really really need you to shut your big, stupid mouth!!” I was absolutely furious. Just because I am not always so great to Ro doesn’t mean she has to jump down my throat for all my little mistakes. “If you think I’m so stupid, why didn’t she just ask me for the map? Oh, yes, all us STUPID people forget that Ro’s the supreme farking overlord!!” She just kept looking at me, amazed. “Yeah, I am smart enough to actually be able to express myself in more than one sentence, you stupid idiot.”
I kicked the wall. Bad idea. “Fffffffffffffff…” I gasped as I bounced around, clutching my foot. Thankfully, and somewhat amazingly, Ro wasn’t laughing or making a show of suppressing laughter. I sat against the wall, closed my eyes, and rested my head. A nap would be so wonderful right now, I thought.
“What do we do now,” I said in a monotone voice, half-meaning this question to be rhetorical.

Something inside me just sparked then. It was like looking at Shamus in a whole different light. Granted, I still hated the freak for everything he’d done to me, but…well, he was still a person. He could break just as easily as I could, and if something didn’t happen soon, we’d both be as broken as popped balloons. I sat down next to him.
“Listen, we don’t like each other. We never have, and I’m not quite sure why. And I don’t mean the very FIRST time we got on each other’s nerves. I mean, when I met you for the first time, I didn’t like you. At all. And vice versa, apparently. But we have to work together here. For the safety of our lives, and for everyone here. So let’s start over,” I started, clearing my throat and holding out my hand, “Hello, my name is Rowina Circe. I have wings, and the power to imagine anything and bring it to life. How about you?”
He stared at me for a moment, no doubt thinking I was crazy. What else was new. But to my surprise, he took my hand, and shook it, “My name’s Shamus Dougal. Uh, I’m magnetic, and I can like…endure stuff. Right now, I’m trying not to start screaming my head off again, and so far, it seems to be working. For now. But seriously, what are we going to do?”
I chewed on my bottom lip, about to answer. But I didn’t have time. At that moment, something knocked into Shamus’ chest, knocking him backwards. He cried out, and clutched his chest, holding blood in.
He’d been shot.
“Oh, shit,” I said out loud, trying to help him up. With him down, there was nothing I could do. There was no way I could run and leave him behind.
“Go. Just go, I’m fine!” He cried, standing up. I had no clue how he could do it. I mean, I’d been shot before, and it hurt…like…hell. But he was up and running, myself following. The people shooting us were forcing us to go back the way we’d come. Back into the city.
Unfortunately, it also led to a dead end. We had didn’t have time to run out again, or else they’d e right behind us.
“Great…just…effing…great,” Shamus said, frustrated beyond measure.
“Shut up, and wait,” I replied. I raised my arms and brought a picture to mind. I expelled it through my finger tips, and in front of us was a wall. To them, it would just look like we hadn’t gone this way.
I could hear them talk to each other, discussing their options.
“Listen, I don’t think they went this way,” the one said.
“Of course they went this way. I saw them!” the other replied.
“Oh, you saw them with that glass eye?”
“Shut up, you. Maybe the girl flew them out.”
Their voices began receding, and I knew it was safe to take away the wall. Gasping a breath I didn’t know I had been holding in, I turn to Shamus.
“You ok?” I asked, feeling light-headed and dizzy

Bloody hell! In the name of all things sacred, I’ve just been SHOT! “Yeah, sure,” I said. I was lying, of course, but it sounded more sarcastic than I meant. “Of course not!” I blurted.
Ro dramatically started breathing a bit too fast. I clutched my chest, waiting for the “April Fools!”
“Okay, okay,” Ro began, “we can’t stay here. Can you walk?” she asked, starting to help me up.
“Maybe,” I grunted. I took a few steps, staggering, Ro catching me. We continued staggering along, her arm locked in mine. She was blushing, and I felt awkward as H.E. Double Hockey Sticks, but when one has just been shot he just has to grow up a smidge. I think we walked an excruciating mile when I staggered back into an alley.
“I can’t walk anymore,” I muttered, resting on the wall. Paper bags and bottles littered the alley, and sheets were bizarrely strung from wall to wall. Ro pulled at her hair and fell into a sitting position. “We have to do something, like, RIGHT NOW!” she yelled.
“I-“ I began, but shouting really hurt my gun shot wound.
Speaking of guns, the next thing I heard was the cocking of a shotgun.

Can you say not good? My body froze and I glanced at Shamus. Slowly, I raised my hands, showing that I meant no harm. If it was absolutely necessary, I'd imagine something to kill the intruder. I'd live if I didn't have to kill him. I can honestly say it was not one of my favorite pastimes.
"Fin?" Shamus asked, recognizing the voice and turning. I was about to yell at him to never look at the face of your attacker, but it was Fin. I leapt up and hugged him, and he hugged me too, not dropping the gun. Kinda worrying, but I don't blame him for being paranoid.
Suddenly, something bit into my neck. Fin released me and pushed me backwards, so I landed on my butt.
"Ow! What's going on? I-," I stopped short, feeling my neck. My heart skipped a beat as I realized what was going on. The empty feeling from before returned, feeling like it was eating my stomach. I looked up at Fin and he met my eyes.
"Ro, Shamus….you have to forgive me. You don't understand. They found me. They're going to kill my brother. They said if I kill you, Ro, they'll let Shyam go. You have to understand. Please forgive me," He said, aiming the gun at me. I felt my heart in my throat, and couldn't get any words of reason out.
"Shamus, run," I said out of the corner of my mouth. Maybe, if he could get away, there'd still be a chance.

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