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hi, i told my mom, abit of it, to see how she would react, i told her about that guy i started seeign 1st, i said that i keep seeing this guy thats not there and she basically said i was crazy, so i havent gone to the doctors, and its getting worse, im seeing more ppl, when me and my bf where out driving i thought he was gunna hit this man that was just standing there, so i said to slow down, but he didnt see why, i said u mite hit that man, he looked at me and said what man? its really getting me down, ive got all these people i keep seing but i no there not there, but then i have this voice saying but what if hes lying what if he sees them too and just wants me to think ive gone mad, i swear ppl keep starting at me thinking im crazy, and im getting reli paranoid and jumpy around men, ones that look like my dad or my cousin, i think i must look like such a weirdo to everyone, i was looking in the car mirror after i kept seeing that man, hoping if i focused on something i knew it would go away, i was just looking at my eyes in the wing mirror and then this big pare of red eyes where there staring at me, its getting realli scary, some one told me if u talk to them they get less scary so i thought questions to that man, i asked him his name and then the name derek came into my head, so then i asked what he was doin and then u no like static on a tv, i got that sound and that image in my head, and that face with red eyes came out of it, saying things in this wispery voice, its getting reli bad, my nightmares are getting worse and im seeing things more oftern, and im constantly getting that thing where u suddly shake, ppl call it when sme one walks over your grave or u were touched by an angel, but im getting ALOT! ive also got this gut feeling smething is reli wrong but i have no idea what, what should i do? thanks xoxo

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