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Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
A man is travelling to a city. On his way he loses his map, but by asking people he manages to find his way.

He is nearly there when he reaches a turning. He knows it's the last turning he'll meet. He knows that one way leads to the city and the other leads to a very dangerous forest. If he chooses the latter he will never return.

But he stands a chance. There is a house at the turning. He knows two brothers live in there. As they are a twin they are identical from the outside. From the inside, however, they are very different. For one brother always tells the truth and the other always tells lies.

He is lucky. One of the brothers is at home. But there is one problem. He is allowed to ask only one question. So if he asks which way leads to the city the truthful brother will get him there, but the liar will lead him to his death.

What question should the man ask to know which way to choose?
this is probably wrong, but he should ask to get on the roof so he can see far enough to whether the path leads to a city or a forest.


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