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When I take a shower I think about everything thats been bothering me.Then Razor happend to be right there when I was thinking about my friend so I guess thats why I started there.Then after that it was so private and you know there no way your gonna get caught.

You can cut with anything if you have the mind to.I cut with a toothpaste bottle once .

People seeing your cuts and scares is somthing you have to live with if your a cutter.Thats one reason why you shouldn't do it.If you can't put up with peoples stares and comments and the rumors it will only make you do it more.I wouldn't trade my scares in for the world but I still keep them hidden from everybody.

It always stings worse after you do it.When you cut you get into a frame of mind and you don't really pay attention to the pain.The only advice I can give you is not to touch it the salt on your hands will make it hurt WAY worse.The pain should stop in a day or two.BUT after that its gonna start to heal and itch.DON'T SCRATCH IT.The scars will get worse that way.

As for you not being able to stop once you started...Im the same way.I just keep dragging the blade across my arm till theres nothing left in me anymore.Thats when you know you have a BIG problem.You need to stop...Don't get dependant on it...It changes everybodys opinion of you...I can't even look my family in the eyes anymore.They all know and they all judge me.In fact im not allod to hang out with my cousin anymore cause im a "bad innfluance".People think that cutters get together and have cutting partys or summin...Idk...But the truth is a cutter doenst want anyone else to do it.There are those few that don't give a shit and will sit there while a friend cuts.But those are the people that need to get the shit beat out of them.
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