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Default Re: For conspiracy theorists

Omg Phantom.. Realy learn to read.. And cmpcmp I would expect better from you..

No Phantom nothing was proven only in your own head

And no this does not mean I 'admit' that 9/11 wasn't a staged, and using the word admit is very wrong..

I will simply no longer bother to post anything seeing as Phantom will just attack me say ,, You loose this debate! '' and ,, Your utterly owned! '' ( Which shows great levels of maturity )

Now tell me how dont you see what I mean.. About the destruction of Al Queda in my post.. Well let me explain it to you then.. If you go there kill/torture I dont exactly know how many men.. Well the point is they have children and those children will remember it, they will be more determined and overall the more you kill and kill and kill the more they gain and gain and gain.

And I don't understand are you unable to read also cmpcmp? Or are you just so quick to side with Phantom?

I sayd alot of things would be better and alot would be worse. In overall I would give up the comp rather than a warm home

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