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Hello again, im back, iv not bin online for a long wile anyways a lot has changed!

I still have feelings for my running partner, (i love him as a friend but like him as something more) but about 4months ago i met somone else, when i first met him i knew we where going to get on well. Ever since then ive felt myself getting closer and closer to him as friends, their seems to be something about him i can trust.

He is very tactile(touchey/playfull) like myself, like we often touch each others hands(not in a flirtashous way, well i dunno) like when were looking at pikys on eachers phones we both hold the phone with our heads together, it feels right. I just really enjoy being around him, he doesnt turn me on, well not yet atleast but i just wanna hug him and hold his hand and look in to his eyes and maybe even kiss him(i dunno, maybe its far too soon).

A wile ago it seemed like he had an obsesion with me because everything i did he wanted to try, i quite liked that. He doesnt seem to be doing that as much now or not showing it because I think someone said something to him about it, also a few people have said things about us even graphityed it and i have responded by saying dont be dirty or something like that and then he just completly lays of for a wile. This made me think at the time that he wasnt interested but there have been times when he has made me think otherwise again.

Its driving me mad tho because i really like him but i still have deep feelings for the first guy but i dont notice them as much coz i dont see him as often.

If i do get with the 1st guy which i supose is possible it will be a lot easier to keep our relationship a secret but we share less interests but still go together quite well, although he can be a real pain up th arse at times but i wouldnt change him.
If i get with the secound guy, which is more likely, it would be hard to keep the relationship completly secret, we share more interests and would go quite well together, other people have even noticed that there could be something there, he doesnt really annoy or irritate me but he can be such a stirrer at times.
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