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lol, its blue

i got a asus sli deluxe wifi board
4 gigs of ram
2 7200 nvidia cards or was it 79? i think its 79, XT edition, they cost like 450
1 terabyte of space (lotsa movies and music )
a amd 64 fx-57 oced to 3.2ghz
2 lightscribe dvd drives, you can take these apart and make a 200mW red laser
a floppy drive, old skool style
annd a creative soundblaster card
i think thats everything, well except for my 17 inch flatpanel monitor

its fast, cost a lot, and will be out of date in 2 weeks *sigh* ive been upgrading it since i first built it like a year ago, it started life as a compaq, the only original part is the monitor, and the card reader, which i use alot. i built a working computer for my dad with all the leftover stuff

i think that sums it up

that stivker is old, i bought a 3800+, but i didnt like it, so i got the fx
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