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Default Re: For conspiracy theorists

Are you saying that you admit that 9/11 wasn't staged, or are you saying that you are now refusing questions about? Both?

Ok I read it.. Tell me realy in the overall point how will destroying Al Queda change anything.. Just cause more hate and give more oppurtunities for the radicalists to recruit more. Also yes that is very nice in some ways Communism was better in some ways not. I wouldnt be here posting over the net if it was still communism but alot of things would be better in my life. And I will not continue to litteraly **** around with you on the 9/11
I don't understand who communism would have been beter, because u admit that you wouldn't have been able to be posting here.

One the point of radicals, should we just give up and say "i hope they stop some time"? that doesn't make sense. Plus its about toppling the tyrany and dictatorship that they live under. if there weren't people teaching them that things that they are learning then they wouldn't know i, and wouldn't be radicals.

Plus its abp
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