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Default Re: This Isn't Technically About Puberty, But..Whatever.

It is possible but I don't know that that's what I would think. It could be that your fear of that having happened is causing you to withdraw. Usually when predators strike they go after you as long as they possibly can. It doesn't mean you weren't it just makes it a little less likely. Maybe you were just a very intelligent kid and caught all of the sexual references and jokes ect. that were on tv and you drew your conclusions from there. It's possible. I've been self concious all my life. Low self esteem, not wanting to be around people..much less GUYS. I felt like I was pushing myself everytime I had to even be around a guy. Like I just wasn't ready. It could be because we (I mean "we" as in girls) sometimes think that guys are sex maniacs, and when you're not ready for sex that makes the situation uncomfortable, and most guys aren't even like that. Sure you get your handful of creeps , but a lot of guys are truly genuine. I'm sorry if this didn't help any. I just wanted you to know I can relate, and some things that could be the possible problem.

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