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yeah i know, they are like potato chips. you cant have just one
all of them do diffrent things, and you kinda need diffrent ones for the diffrent things i do. my most expensive one was the 125mW green one, which cost 500, but if you look at the dot on a wall, it can blind you, so i had to buy goggles, but that one is used in the laser show things, as its most visible. there is only 1 cigarette of smoke in most of those pictures, then my second most expensive is the 55, which was 209 i think, then the 50, which was 200ish.. those wont blind you from looking at them on a wall, but will blind you instantly if you look right into it (duh) then the 3rd was the 150mW red one, which was 180, its stronger than the $500 green one, but it looks like 6 times dimmer, only because humans see diffrent colors diffrently, well acually the 2nd most expensive was the yellow one, its only 2mW, but how many of you have see a yellow laser? then the 2nd to last was the 15mW green, it cant do permanant eye damage, and i made the orange laser. i bought a diode on ebay, put it in a flashlight, and now its waterproof fun to go to swimmingpools with it, everyone is like WTH?!? it only cost me like 45 bucks to make that one, and it has a visible beam outside at night, well they all do, but the higher powered green ones can be seen during the day..

i havent realised it till now, ive spent like 1600 on lasers, no wonder my paycheck always disappears..

i need a blue one, those are the beastfully expensive 1k+ lasers


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