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Default Re: For conspiracy theorists

Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
O yes thats real nice. Hyper is allowed to flame the fuck out of me yet whenever I say something back I get a warning or banned.

Hyper you know nothing at all about me or what I have been through. I actually have a father quite the same way. Thats sad about your father but what does that have to do with the topic? o thats right nothing its just your way to gather pity and try to make me look like the bad guy when I have said nothing about you. Apparently you have not read my ceasefire thread. I seem to remember you apologizing for flaming me? well I guess I read wrong as you are clearly doing it now
War has never solved anything huh. Please read that sign in my sig.
Without war YOU would either not be alive or be living under a harsh soviet dictatorship. Thank america YOU are free for without us beating russia in the cold war you would not be here or be oppresed and denied human rights.
So I guess this so called ignorant stupid evil america indirectly saved you life.
You also seem to think that I am an evil war monger I WANT to kill people. That is just false and sick. I would like nothing more than for everybody to live in peace war should never be the first option but alas as long as there are people like al quida out there that will never be. I am prepared to take up arms and defend my country and people that canot defend themselfs if need be. Yes Hyper even you I would defend if somone was trying to kill you. THAT is what you don't seem to be able to understand. Does that make me an evil war monger?
I do care about other countrys and people that is just a plain lie to say that I don't.

How could I not support a war against people that devote their lives to try to kill Americans and everybody else that isn't a radical Muslim. How could I not support a war against people that flew planes into buildings that killed 3000 of my own. How could I not support a war against people that commit the most horrible of evils in the name of allah. How could I not support a war against the most hatefull ideology in the history of the planet.

And hyper I am STILL waiting for you irrefutable proof that 9/11 was staged

Ohh I stopped reading at Soviet Dictatorship now this is what I like the most you Americans talk about Communism and how bad it was.. Were you here? Was your family sent to Siberia? Was your property taken for 'the greater good' ? I dont think so all youve seen is some brainwashing movies and lectures from a few teachers so let me tell you how it was here..

In alot of ways it was BETTER. Much better. Everyone had atleast some kind of a job. Yes I admit there was nothing to buy with your money but barely anyone made more money than the rest. Only the politicians had acces to the 'rare goods' also you had limits on how much you could buy something like from a 50 cm sausage you could buy max 20 cm.. There would be old women at the stores at 5 am ( 2 hours before they opened ) just so they could buy a small piece of sausage.. I know my mother once told me how she was sent there with her brother to buy some food.. The old women would be even cutting in line and so on. Thankfully for a long period my grandfather, worked in a .. ( Damnzorz English!! ) Butcher house.. So they had no problems with food untill that job was lost.. Yes there was limitation to 'freedom' but it isnt realy much different in today's world. And where has Communism, fascism or nazism gone? Where has Slavery dissappeard too? All of those things are still here.. Just not as massively, but they are still here. Life was to have connections. But mostly everyone lived out some way there were very useful programms. Which DO NOT exist in almost any country anymore.

Also Phantom I have noticed youve tried to piss me off, and its worked well. So please dont act all innocent only an idiot would belive that you are realy trying to be nice.

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