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Default Quebec split no headache for 40% of youths

EDMONTON -- A large number of young people living west of Ontario don't care whether Quebec separates from Canada, a study by the Canada West Foundation suggests.

The survey of 2,000 people under the age of 35 from B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba suggests 40% of respondents either don't care or want Quebec to separate from Canada. That's higher than the 32% of older respondents who feel the same way.

The numbers could imply younger people in the West haven't really fought any political battles to keep Canada together, so the issue isn't significant for them, said foundation research director Robert Roach.

But he said they could also mean there is a new generation of western alienation forming and some younger western Canadians could be more resentful of political efforts to appease Quebec.

"If the federal government made a lot of effort to woo Quebec, to keep Quebec in Canada, it might be received quite negatively among that 40%, if not others," Roach said from Calgary. "There might be a sense that, well, maybe it's time for Quebec to move on."

Caroline Rodgers, editor of the student newspaper at Laval, said the idea of Quebec independence still sparks some impassioned debate.
But she said young people are more concerned about the environment and globalization. "When you talk to them, a lot of them say, 'OK, maybe we could separate', but it's not the first issue that interests them," she said.

When asked about the survey results, Rodgers said perhaps the rest of Canada is tired of hearing about Quebec.

I know most of you don't care but I think this is fucking hillarious
I hope we kick them out and I mean out ZERO favours ZERO help establishing political ties with other countries like America that has already said any agrements from NORAD to NAFTA and everything inbetween will not automatically transfer to Quebec
ZERO trade negotiations with Canada
ZERO aid

I'm so sick of there shit
nothing but traitors and cry babies

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