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Default Re: Non Self Harm Calendar!

Ready for a long post? you better be

Originally Posted by 1_21Guns View Post
You, i know you, you can keep on fighting. I know it's hard, and i know that you really want to give in, but remember all those around you that are there to help and guide you no matter how far along the road you get into the deep dark state of.. well, reality. Everyone here is here to support you, let them help you nat.

Originally Posted by Love.Hate View Post
5 Days
Well done! I know that you have a hard struggle, and i know that it's not easy. Nothing ever is easy though, we all have to fight and we all have to try, and you too, can do that. If you ever need someone to talk to about anything, my pm or vm's are always open. Don't hesitate to contact me, or anyone else.

Originally Posted by tashbash3 View Post
6 days, woop
Keep on going! You're stronger then you think, and you can definitely keep on fighting. Nothing is worth any pain you put your body through, no matter how much you want to give in and make marks on your body. It isn't worth it, remember that.
Originally Posted by Severed Butterfly View Post
day 1.
Keep going, pick yourself from the ground, from the bottom, brush yourself off, and fight. It is hard, and it will be hard, but it is achievable and don't think that your lost, you just have to get found.

Originally Posted by freiheit View Post
9 Days is great! try and double that to 18, that can be something for you to aim for if you need something like that to help. It will get better, believe in yourself.

Originally Posted by Punk_Kid View Post
Lucky 13 I'm hoping I can definitely quit this time. Keep on trying everyone
You will if you keep positive, you don't need it, no one does, and you know that there is always people to turn to if you ever need help. Don't keep things inside, it doesn't ever help.

Originally Posted by georgiamay View Post
day 10.
Georgia, if you need to talk to anyone, i'm here. You can keep going, and you can beat this, even if you think it is hard, and that you won't get anywhere. You can, say it to yourself 'I can do this' over and over, trust me, everything will be okay.

Originally Posted by Fiction View Post
Day 1
Kathy, you know that you don't need it no matter what your subconscious self says. If you need anyone to talk to, you know where to find me, and i will listen to every word you say, whether you want me to or not. There's plenty of people out there that hate seeing you like this, and they only want to help you, let them.

Originally Posted by Unwanted_Different View Post
closeing in on 3 weeks it will b 3 weeks wednesday the 1st I'm realy proud of myself.
So you should be! that's an amazing amount of time, and you can get so many more then that.

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