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Default please help, dont know what to do

Hello everyone, this is my first post here great forum, its nice to be able to talk about stuff like this without being considered "wierd"

anyway, my problem...

i have a girlfriend, and we have been dateing since we were freshman in high school. we are both juniors now, and the homecoming dance is tommrow. now i think of myself as a responsible guy, her mom loves me to death, and both her mom and my dad trust me enough to let her stay the night at my house and stuff. and as of now, we havent acually had sex, but we have done littler things such as mutual masturbation, but no sex... well anyway tommrow is the dance, and she said, just like this "we will have the most fun after the dance, be sure to get some condoms, and bring your dads suv." well that does not leave much to the imagination, but i dont know if i am ready or not, and i dont want to let her down. and ill admit im kind of curious, but i think that is a huge step. i really dont know what to do, or what to tell her. i dont want to loose her as a girlfriend, as i can see myself spending my life with her. please i need help!

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