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i used to do percription pills (mostly tylenol 3s and 4s) and of course drank sometimes (although my moms is kinda a drunk and didn't care when i was at her house) tried mdma a couple times and once smoked some pot, but i found out i didn't like smoking (i liked the reefer, just not the smoking). i stopped for two reasons, 1 my friend who i got the x from od'd and was like 2 mins away from dying, but he lived and had to go to rehab and all this crap, and that really scared me, and 2 cause i was starting to forget things and was starting to get bad grades and stuff, so i really didnt want to end up like my friend and after like six months of doing drugs, i quit. and i can say i will never do drugs ever again, its just not worth it.
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