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Default Re: For conspiracy theorists

I apologize if I get pissed off while typing this post, like Maddox got pissed off while writing hes great 'truth'

Now child let me explain. Tell me have you heard of a word called OBVIOUS?
I suppose you havent so let me explain, if you simply murder a creator of something popular it will do just 1 thing : SEND A MESSAGE

For example a message of fear, a message of truth and so on it doenst matter what kind of message. It would be just so obvious if the creator of the movie gets killed and what Youtube gets closed? The WORLDS MOST POPULAR free video hosting site? Yeah that would cause no suspicions at all!

Now also if anyone is stupid enough to take seriously what this 'Maddox' writes.. Well then :

Now also let me also get back to the point of the obvious.. Now for example, let's say some punk is teasing you.. What will the mature person do? IGNORE IT! Yes that is it ignore it so to the point of IGNORAGE why should the United States of America kill some kid who makes a movie about 9/11 + MASSACRE hes family and friends.. Close down 1 of the WORLDS most POPULAR websites..

If the USA would do this, wouldn't it leave a GREAT IMPRESSION!?!?!??

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